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Q. What is a Mural?

A. A mural is very large piece of artwork, such as a painting or enlarged photograph, applied directly to a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface in different techniques.

Q. What is a Trompe L'oeil?

A. A Trompe-l'Å"il (French for "trick the eye" from tromper - to deceive and l'Å"il - the eye; pronounced as "trom ploy") is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects really exist. A typical trompe-l'Å"il mural might depict a window, door or hallway to optically enlarge a room.

Q. What is the purpose of a Mural?

A. To transform your surroundings with unique and personalized one-of-a-kind art.

Q. Can a mural be painted on any surface?

A. Yes! Murals can be painted on a numerous surfaces ranging from concrete to wood, wallboard to canvas and even on certain types of wall paper. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

Q. Do I Need To Get A Building Permit?

A. No. To have a mural painted, you will not need to obtain a "city building permit."

Q. How do you charge for murals?

A. Every job is different. A custom hand painted mural's cost depends upon several factors: size, design, special tools, complexity, location and accessibility of mural, surface, detail, and distance traveled. Estimates are only given after design sketches are completed. I cannot give a true estimate during the consultation. However, I do have a minimum of $250 and most murals are based on a $35-$40/hour rate or by square feet. Please see my example pricing to give you a better idea of cost.

Q. Do you charge for consultations and sample making?

A. No. There is no charge for a consultation. After I take a look at the space and we discuss ideas, I go to my drawing board and begin working up sketches for your room. To keep costs and time down, I will provide only rough sketches instead of sample boards or sample paintings.

Q. I have no idea what I want. Can you help?

A. Definitely. That's what I am here for. Just call or email me with your questions and I will send you some ideas. If you need a sit-down consultation, feel free to contact me to schedule a time.

Q. Can you travel to my location?

A. I am currently traveling within the St. Louis area and surrounding counties only.

Q. How long will it take?

A. It is difficult to estimate a completion time for murals. It can range from a couple of FULL days to several weeks or months depending on detail and scale of work.

Q. Will I need to prep the wall before you begin painting?

A. Yes. You will need to prep the wall with a satin or semi-gloss white primer or colored basecoat regardless if wall is dry wall or plaster. All ding and nail pop repairs must be finished and painted before I can begin. Please do not use a high gloss paint.

Q. Can you apply a base coat to the walls or do I need to hire a house painter?

A. I am not an interior painter. I hire painters for my own house. So you will need to hire a painter or do it yourself. If you would like a referral, I would be happy to give you one.

Q. Do I need to move the furniture?

A. Not necessarily. I have furniture gliders that I can place under your furniture to move about the room as needed. You will need to move anything fragile off of the furniture to avoid breakage. Pictures and other wall décor should be removed prior to my arrival. This ensures my safety and adds to my quality and efficiency.

Q. What kind of paint do you use, and how long will it take to dry?

A. I use Liquitex acrylic water-based paints because they dry faster and are easier to manipulate. Please note that acrylic paints also withstand the same quality as oil paints. They do not have an odor and are environmentally safe.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

A. Absolutely. I will not be finished until you are completely satisfied with the work.

Q. How do I guarantee scheduling time?

A. No job is permanently placed on the schedule without a deposit and signed contract. When this deposit is received, I give you the previously agreed upon and discussed time slot, if it is still available. Because this is a custom business, it is really on a first come first served basis.

Why should I hire you? Christina Hummer is an artist who provides the highest level of service with creativity, quality and professionalism.

Please take time to browse my online portfolio. I have many years of experience. If you have any further questions, please contact me.